A opening to a possible set of short stories set through the Dreamgate.

The Dreams of Annabelle Cloud

The morn­ings after were always the hard­est. The more Annabelle trav­elled dur­ing her nights, the harder it became to wake up to the real­ity of the world. And the real­ity of that world was mun­dane. Her nights were filled with excite­ment and won­der, the strangest moments, fas­ci­nat­ing peo­ple, fear, love, beauty. Her days were a dirge of school, and teach­ers, and writ­ing, and maths, and par­ents, and annoy­ing broth­ers, and that damned beep, beep, beep of the alarm clock pierc­ing through her brain. Yes, morn­ings were bad.
She slightly opened an eye, a token ges­ture to a day that she didn’t want to see, and blearily looked at the clock; 6:30am. The day could wait, it would still be there wait­ing for her later. She pulled the warm and wel­com­ing duvet back over her­self, and rolled back into the cen­tre­fold the bed. Just another twenty min­utes, she could travel far in just twenty minutes…

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