New Year

I’ve been work­ing on a new short story for the flash fic­tion web­site Litra­naut. Actu­ally I started it in Decem­ber. It took me ages to come up with a story idea, but as soon as did, the story flowed very quickly. So much so that actu­ally it will prob­a­bly become a much big­ger piece in the future. I’m think­ing of writ­ing it as a Script for a drama.

How­ever, since that ini­tially flurry of writ­ing, it has taken me ages to get it all to come together. Part of the prob­lem is because the size of the con­cept has increased so much that I’ve really strug­gled to keep the size of the story down. It was only meant to be about one thou­sand words, but it’s cur­rently about three thou­sand. How­ever, it has been split pretty much in two and will be released as a two parter…

Any­way, here’s the open­ing. And hope­fully I’ll have it fin­ished and with Litra­naut soon.

“…New Year”, she’d said, “Happy New Year.” Then she kissed him. That was the last thing Tim remem­bered. One minute they’d been singing Auld Lang Syne, and shak­ing hands. There had been the sound of Big Ben chim­ing the new year in over the radio. There had been party-poppers and blow­ers, and the sounds of fire­works out­side. There had been cheers, and then that moment. That moment that seemed to slow down. That moment where she had lent in toward him, her lips pre­car­i­ously close to his. That moment when he could feel her breath lap over his lips. That moment when all he could think about was about clos­ing that cir­cle. Mov­ing his lips toward hers. Clos­ing that draughty mouth with his.
Then nothing.

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