Thought I’d post this small snippet of my novel ‘Lily Wood Trail’. I just re-read this snippet, I love it so much, and I don’t tend to feel that for much of my writing

Lily Wood Trail

In my dreams I never reach the gate. It sits alone at the end of a wind­ing trail through dense over-hanging trees. It can barely hold itself up against its sup­port­ing posts. The wood is rot­ten, the nails rusty and brit­tle. The hinge that holds the gate to the posts is almost let­ting go of its ward.

I walk toward it. It’s the same every time that I’m here. There is no change in time, no change in sea­son. It’s a lit­tle before dusk. The sun is drop­ping out­side of the wood, but from within, the canopy oppresses every­thing, and the sun may as well have already set.

I look around

I don’t recog­nise the trail. The woods are unfa­mil­iar. The trees, the dense under­growth, none of it sparks a mem­ory of any place that I have been before. But the smell. The smell grounds me, places me at an exact spot, an exact moment in time. Sadly one that I can­not recall from the back of my mind, but I know that it is there, taunt­ing me, dar­ing me to remem­ber. I know that this place is impor­tant. I am more sure than I have ever been, on any­thing before, that this place holds the key to some­thing. Some­thing impor­tant to me. And hope­fully, in time, I will solve the puz­zle than will unlock maybe a flood of memories.

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