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The Dreams of Annabelle Cloud

The girl in the pic­ture said that her name was Kayleigh, but I knew she was lying. So, I called her Dilly Dilly after the song, Laven­der blue dilly dilly, Laven­der green. She didn’t like that. When­ever she was get­ting on my nerves, I would just say, “Yes, Dilly Dilly,” and she would stop getting […]

The Dreams of Annabelle Cloud

The morn­ings after were always the hard­est. The more Annabelle trav­elled dur­ing her nights, the harder it became to wake up to the real­ity of the world. And the real­ity of that world was mun­dane. Her nights were filled with excite­ment and won­der, the strangest moments, fas­ci­nat­ing peo­ple, fear, love, beauty. Her days were a […]


The cable con­nected directly to a small cir­cu­lar port at the base of the neck, a quick turn, a sharp pain, and it locked into place. [WKUP] Wake up ini­ti­ated [ACK] Request for hand­shake acknowl­edged. Hand­shake started. New Organic Hard­ware Found. Ini­tialise Ref­er­ence Dri­ver v0.91 Beta. Com­pat­i­ble Pro­to­col Request Ini­ti­ated / Pro­to­col v.HICP42 agreed. Nego­ti­at­ing baud […]

The Lemon Tree

Aunty Doris had a lemon tree. She didn’t live in Limone on Lake Garda, where the lemons grow in abun­dance in the rich fer­tile soil. Nor did she live in Sorento where the Ponderosa’s grow to the size of a small bowl­ing ball. None of those places where the sun shines in per­fectly blue cloud­less skies […]

New Year

I’ve been work­ing on a new short story for the flash fic­tion web­site Litra­naut. Actu­ally I started it in Decem­ber. It took me ages to come up with a story idea, but as soon as did, the story flowed very quickly. So much so that actu­ally it will prob­a­bly become a much big­ger piece in […]